My Tie Knot Tying Tool Red with Black


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Life is good… My-Tie makes it easier!

The Patent Pending My-Tie Knot Tool is absolutely the easiest way to tie the “Improved Clinch Knot”

The Improved Clinch Knot is easily the most common fishing knot used by freshwater anglers.
It is the preferred knot of dad’s and grandpa’s everywhere and was probably the first knot you learned when you started fishing. Unless you are regularly using braided fishing line, it is probably still the knot you use most often.

Fresh water fishing line and tackle is trending toward smaller, stronger, and ever closer to invisible with every new product that is made.
The undeniable result of the newer generations of fishing gear is clear… more fish caught!


As fishing line and tackle gets smaller and more invisible it becomes harder to join hooks and lures to the line.
Fishing is meant to be an enjoyable past time, but for people with less than perfect eyesight… Dad’s, Mom’s, Grandma’s, and Grandpa’s, it can become frustrating and nearly impossible as seeing and handling the new fishing line becomes ever more difficult. Older anglers aren’t alone in having this problem. Have you ever been frustrated trying to get a knot tied to a hook while fishing?
Smaller fishing line also means bigger fingers!


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